The Starting Idea


The Starting Idea is an online business resource website and community which produces and aggregates business resources in an easily consumable way to help entrepreneurs in their business journey and scale their startups fast.


Abhik Shome
Weronika Wysocka

Scope of Project

Brand Strategy
Web Design
Identity System Design
Motion Graphics
Content Marketing


Create a magazine product giving clarity driven actionable marketing blueprints for online entrepreneurs. The product will include interviews with top international online entrepreneurs, long-form strategy based content, and infographics. It should also include lead capture forms to build a mailing list.


To avoid the trap of cluttered content which most information based sites fall into. Enhancing ease of consumption was critical.


We designed the site to be value-driven, with an uncluttered organization of content into specific categories. We adopted a sleek modern look with a lot of white space to drive home a clean uncluttered experience where the user’s readability is enhanced.

List building is important if not paramount for a content site, so we created instant attention-grabbing lead capture forms, in the form of pop up forms, inline forms etc.

Conclusively, we made sure that the site experience is great and completely fine-tuned for a great mobile experience along with its original desktop version.


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HEX #ffffff


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