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From Our Clients

“I love reading Abhik’s media columns on all things related to entrepreneurship. His knowledge of marketing & tech in the startup space is incredible and his passion for sharing it reflects in his writing. Abhik is one of the few great marketers that I have met on my journey. In my 20 years of being in the sector, Abhik stands out as someone that understands what the “secret sauce” is in branding & marketing. He executes well on blending marketing & branding and puts forth a strategic plan that shows an ROI.”

Ari Zoldan

CEO, Quantum Networks, LLC | Regular on CNN, Fox, CNBC

“I’m far more confident with my business after working with Brand Bridge Solutions. Prior to Brand Bridge Solutions help, I was nervous going into my latest business venture. It is a crowded market, and I was looking for a way to stand out in the crowd. The profiles you did of my competition were incredibly helpful in terms of creating a brand and product strategy. You also helped shape our social & online marketing plan. 2018 is going to rock! Thanks so much!”

Scott Silverstone

CEO, Fuzzy Memory



We help businesses convert any content for leads and sales.

We do this with our method of conversion marketing along with a strategically arranged system of 37 content and conversion tools to master our client’s content for high-quality leads and sales.

The list of tools includes everything from viral marketing software, content upgrade tools, lead capture tools to conversion-optimized design. All arranged to give our clients maximum mileage.

We will use all of them along with a growth strategy blueprint we have mastered over a period of 5 years to optimize every aspect of your online presence for conversion and sales.

All the efforts and systems will finally be synced together to:


Website case studies 

Do you want just a good looking site or a stunning site optimized for conversion?

Product Know


The Starting Idea


Abhik Shome


Focus on Content which brings sales

A 3 step strategy to make you stand out:

Epic Content, Infographics, Videos

All optimized for conversion.

Case Study

Epic Content


Case Study

Our key differentiator

It’s like giving you a 360-degree view of what’s hot and what’s not in your industry

The ONE thing which completely differentiates us from all other agencies is our high-intensive focus on marketing data.

We will give you a clear picture of how to be successful in your industry with data showing what are the best content types of your industry leaders, what goes viral and even the outright flops from your industry leaders.

Here’s how we will do it:

We have specially commissioned SaaS tools which will reveal the best content and conversion strategies followed by the biggest players in your industry so you can adapt and engineer them for your brand growth.

Simultaneously, our tools will also reveal the worst content strategies as we believe it is equally important to know what DOES NOT work in your industry so we can navigate and avoid them.

What’s more?

Our research tools will also reveal new and hidden competitors so you can have a better-organized strategy to deal with them.

This power play will help you plug and play with what’s hot in your industry and generate viral attention to get higher leads for your business.

Tools to Amplify your authority 

Software which will make you dominate your industry.

Is your site optimized for google? 

Our Growth Mantra

 Friendly chat

We will begin with a chat on the phone understanding your challenges, what all have you tried to overcome them and sharing our tips and insights.

This will help us know if we are the right fit for you. No hard selling. Just valuable exchange of information to help you grow your business.

Market research and performance analysis

Next, we will conduct a thorough market research and performance analysis.

Our research strategy and process is unparalleled in the industry due to the level of depth we go to.

This will include a detailed study of your industry leaders and top competitors. We will find out what works best in your industry to imbibe it into our plan and also navigate from what doesn’t.

We will also do a detailed audit of your online presence and compare it with your industry competitors to reveal hidden opportunities.

Strategy formulation

We will compile all the insights we got from the previous step to build a data-backed growth strategy that works.

Full execution

We will divide all parts of the growth strategy into formulaic templates from where our category experts will take over to execute timely and tactical wins.

The experts will work together in tandem so the end execution is tight-knit.

Learning and reiteration

We will monitor the execution and measure the results with a comparative study of your industry leaders.

We will reiterate the learnings to amplify growth.

We will help you convert any content for leads and sales.