Video Creation

Create engaging videos which educate and build authority.

Videos are no longer the trend. It is the mainstay.

If you are not focusing your content strategy on videos, you are missing out.

Using our data-backed approach, we will first find out the most viral and engaging videos from your industry on various social media channels.

We will study all the levers and aspects of its growth and craft a similar video content plan for you.

Find out our top 4 video content types:

Explainer videos

Use our explainer videos to demonstrate your product in a proven engaging format.

Here’s the engagement formula for a great explainer video:

  • Start with the problem
  • Aggravate the problem
  • Give the solution in the form of product
  • Demonstrate its features in the form of benefits
  • Give proof in the form of testimonials
  • Make the offer with any applicable guarantees

Social Media videos

Woo your social media audiences with letterbox style videos (videos with text overlay) and Goalcast style videos complete with stock footage to explain stories and give helpful tips related to your industry.

Infographic videos

Convert the awesome infographics our designers will make for you into full-fledged value videos.

These kinds of videos stand out due to their unique content presentation and immediately build authority.

Whiteboard animation videos

Whiteboard animations present explainer videos in a very fun, artistic and creative way.

The hand-drawn sketches are visually appealing and increase the retention power of your target audience.

Listicle Videos

Listicle Videos present a list of ideas and tips in an engaging way.

Listicle videos tend to perform amazingly on social media due to their quick value feel that social media audiences with short attention span really love these days.

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