Product Know


The ultimate list of business software and resources for entrepreneurs and business owners.


Abhik Shome
Weronika Wysocka

Scope of Project

Brand Strategy
Web Design
Identity System Design



Build a library of best free tools and resources covering every need of a modern-day business. Arrange it based on each category. 


Setting up the value of the product upfront without stripping it of its aesthetics.


We categorized the tools and resources into sections in the homepage with a simple one-line value pitch (created in type effect to catch instant attention) telling cold audiences what Product Know is all about.

The UX is designed to lead the users to their choice of product need as soon as they land on the homepage. Once they click on a section, they are taken to a page with tools and resources listed under that category, with a link back to the tool site.

We designed the site for quick consumption so users can get actionable value fast.
The site is optimized for great mobile and desktop usability.


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