Motion Graphics

Case Study

How to make motion graphics:
A Brand Bridge Solutions Infographics Case Study.

Creative Process

1. Write copy for the video.
2. Create design assets to be used in the whiteboard animation. Make sure images have a transparent background.
3. Open Adobe After Effects.
4. Import all design assets.
5. Create a new solid layer.
Choose white color for your solid layer.
6. Mask the image.
Double click on the image layer > Choose Brush Tool> Opacity and Flow has to be set to 100% > Set Duration to Write On > Set brush color to white > Choose the size of the brush.
7. Paint on the image without letting go of the brush.
8. Apply Paint Effect.
9. CC Composite the image.
10. Adjust keyframes on the timeline.
11. Create a Text Layer.
12. Generate Stroke Effect and apply it to the text layer.
13. Create a text mask covering every letter of the text.

14. In the Paint Style reveal the original image.

14. Set keyframes on the timeline.
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