Social Media Marketing

Put your finger on the pulse of what’s exploding and going viral. ALWAYS!

Our social media research process is unparalleled in the industry. With our premium set of social media research tools, expect to be at the heart of what’s going viral in your industry.

Be it the latest viral videos in your industry or the best/worst performing content of your industry leaders, we will gather critical data for exploding your social media.

Simply sit back and see how we use this data gold to create a high-quality social media experience which will woo your target audience and make you the go-to voice of your industry on social media.

Here’s our step by step approach:

1. An in-depth research and performance analysis of your industry leaders/competitors on social media (what works, what doesn’t, what time to post, engagement insights, audience insights, etc.)

All this will give us a clear and data-backed view of the content plan to follow in the next step.

2. A value-packed content plan which helps your target audience solve problems related to your topic and get on the path of growth.

3. A highly attractive design language which stops people from scrolling their newsfeed and consume your content.

4. Use our battle-tested marketing strategy along with our content promotion stack for making your social media content go viral.

Here are the details:

Social Media Research and Performance Analysis

  • Best performing content of your Industry leaders/competitors on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  • Worst Performing content of your Industry leaders/competitors on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Content strategy of industry leaders/competitors (ratio between various post types: photos, videos, status)
  • Average audience engagement rate
  • Best time to post (based on peak engagement time slots of your competitors)
  • Paid ads/boosted content of your industry leaders/competitors
  • Audience growth of your industry leaders/competitors
  • Top performing hashtags in the industry
  • The latest viral videos in your industry

Content Plan

1. Creating and posting on all 4 major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn).

2. Creating and posting the most engaging forms of content on your social media channels (be it video, photo, statuses or link sharing, we will reverse engineer the best content types of your industry and imbibe it with the dynamics of your brand).

3. Posting other popular content types:

  • Valuable tips and strategies
  • Lesser known growth hacks
  • DIY hacks
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Landmark infographics
  • Pattern interrupt videos
  • Event-based posts
  • Interactive posts and GIFs

Social Media Design Language

1. Creation of custom social media graphics engineered with your brand logo, color schemes, fonts, and theme.

2. Creation of landmark infographics giving step by step strategies to solve specific problems related to your topic.

3. Creation of videos with catchy pattern interrupts and text overlays to stop people from scrolling their newsfeed and consume your content.

4. Creation of attractive banners and cover images which stand out from the crowd.

Tying it all up, we will convert the social media posts into traffic funnels by adding the URL of your homepage or lead magnet page inside the creative.

Organic and Paid Marketing Strategies

Paid Tools

We will use tools like Quuu Promote and Triberr to make your content be shared by your exact target audience on Facebook and Twitter.

When your target audience shares your content among their own network in the industry, it will have a viral effect on your social media reach.

Facebook Ads

We will use the battle-tested strategies of our FB ad experts along with an extensive tech stack of Facebook ad optimization tools to create perfect ad campaigns and funnels to achieve your growth goals.

From creating engaging ad copy to implementing the perfect retargeting strategy to using the hottest trends in FB messenger ads, we will use them all based on your company growth goals (lead generation, inbound traffic, social media growth, etc.).

Content Repurposing

We will implement the “Gate Pass” method where we will republish your best content pieces on Medium, LinkedIn and Slideshare.

This is how it will work:

Medium and LinkedIn

We will pick up your best content pieces and repurpose 70% of each on Medium and LinkedIn with a call-to-action incentivizing them to read the remaining portion (and get some added gifts, exclusive content, etc.) by signing up to your newsletter.

This way you will generate a lot of targeted leads.


We will re-publish your video natively on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram with a link to the landing page strategically put in the video description.

Social Media

We will take the main points of your blog and fragment the message into different social media graphics along with a link to your website/landing page.


We will repurpose the main points of your article into a SlideShare presentation with a link to the landing page. This strategy is perfect for companies in the B2B space.

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