Epic Content Creation

Use our proven formulaic process that converts visitors to leads.

We will use our conversion marketing system and 11 premium content production tools to create epic content pieces which will woo the search engines and stand out in the hearts of your readers.

Here’s the exact process we will follow:

Content Research

Using the Skyscraper Technique to find most viral topics

Firstly, we will use Ahrefs Content Explorer to find the best-performing articles based on your topic.

This will give us a set of articles based on the highest number of backlinks and social shares.

We will pick the best content pieces and use the skyscraper technique on them (10x the present content pieces with more detailed examples, value, and content in the form of text and visual imagery).

Researching most relevant keywords

Next, we will go to Ahrefs Keywords Explorer tool and type the main keyword related to your topic.

This will give us details about the main keyword, like:

  • Average monthly search traffic based on that keyword
  • Other related keywords based on the main keyword

We will use this data to add all the relevant keywords in our epic content creation plan.

Our content research toolkit:

1. Ahrefs Content Explorer

2. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Now, we have all the insights to create fully data-driven content.


Content Creation

Content length and Content Mindset

According to data, the average minimum length of content which ranks on the 1st page of Google is 1890 words.

This kind of long-form content ranks well on Google due to its focus on detailed insights.

We will write a minimum length of 3000 words, full of elaborative examples, insights and actionable content.

The key aspect here is — actionable content.

While others make the common mistake of forcing their article to become long form, our epic content pieces will be full of rich actionable content that is value driven and makes the reader go through a complete transformative process.

Content Creation Optimization

1. Benefit-driven headline

We will start with a benefit-driven headline. We will use topical data we got from Buzzsumo and Ahrefs along with our top 5 headline templates to create a power-packed headline. 

2. The curiosity fuel

Next, we will begin the content piece with a curiosity-inducing opener. We will open a loop and build anticipation right at the very beginning by giving incentives to read till the end.

3. Easter eggs

We will sprinkle the content with your human voice. This includes making the language humorous, full of anecdotes and parables.

We will make the content more engaging as we are aiming for the transformation of the reader and not just an information dump.

4. Crisp layout

After researching 1000s of top content blogs, we have come to the conclusion that 2-3 line paragraphs are ideal for readability and a great user experience.

We will implement this layout along with design assets seamlessly taking the story forward.

5. Step by step actionable strategies, tips, and tools

Our end goal is the transformation of the reader by giving real value.

We will do this by giving step by step actionable strategies, tips and tools which take the user from point A of pain to point B of the solution to that pain.

6. Seeding strategy

We will keep seeding the content to build up to eventual call-to-actions to get bonus material (which they will get after submitting their contact info).

This way our epic content piece will become an auto-lead generating machine.

7. Content Upgrade

We will create topic-specific content upgrade/lead magnet which solves a specific pain immediately and has high perceived value.

Our content creation toolkit:

1. TextMetrics 

For writing rich SEO friendly content with proper sentiment analysis.

2. Grammarly Premium

For checking grammar

Content storyline design assets

A picture speaks a thousand words. Visual imagery helps the reader be more receptive to the messaging we want to convey.

Here is the list of custom-design elements we will create for our epic content piece:

Custom design assets

Custom design assets which depict and illustrate the crux of each chapter of the article.

Attractive Infographics

Attractive infographics to depict step by step strategies in an easy to understand visual form.

Article videos

We will create video stories and other audiovisual content based on the article.

Social Media Content Cards

Engaging Social media content cards depicting the main points of the article in visual form.

Conversion-focused CTA

Conversion-focused call-to-action banners and images to generate leads.

Lead Magnet Covers

Glossy and click-worthy lead magnet/content upgrade covers based on conversion driven formulas to generate leads.

Design Toolkit

1. Adobe Illustrator

2. Adobe Photoshop

3. Adobe InDesign

4. Adobe After Effects

5. Adobe Premiere Pro

6. Adobe Spark

7. Visme

8. Stencil

9. Rocketium

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