Brand Identity Development

Brand development through customized service

Brand Bridge Solutions™ - Brand Identity Development

At Brand Bridge Solutions™, we believe in building a human persona for your brand which enables it to tell stories and connect with its audience, by facilitating their needs. For this, we focus on the intricate concept of Kapferer’s Brand Identity Prism to craft and orient your brand towards a more advanced identity development.

Our dynamics of cultivating a brand as a positive allegory for your business comes from the concept of developing a clear understanding of the identity your brand will aim to project and portray, as only then can one successfully position it correctly for maximum results.

Our aim here, is to develop an identity for your brand using the sciences of Kapferer’s Brand Identity Prism which focuses on:

1) Personality of your brand – Personification of your brand in its language and behavior, laying down what kind of person the brand would be, when it interacts with its audience, its language and approach.

2) Culture – Values and principles on which the brand has to base its behavior, coming from the ethos the company connotes and brings with itself.

3) Self Image –  How the target group of the brand perceives itself to be.

4) Reflected User – What does the brand represent in the customers mind or rather the customer mindset as reflected on the brand.

5) Relationship With The Final Consumer – What kind of validation does it surmise for the user.

6) Physique – The physical attributes of the brand, its look and feel, logo, packaging, etc.

We will indulge in HolisticSimultaneous And Consistent Sharpening Of The 6 Facets, to format a clarified approach for your company’s brand identity development and in turn, make it the key ingredient for your brand’s success in the industry. We will then approach the market with this awareness at hand, and Pitch Your USP, thus making the brand Strategically Position Itself For Maximum Attainable Success.

Besides this, we will also Work In Close Coordination With Your Managerial TeamSupport Them With Our Expert Knowledge, help them in identifying the USP existing in your business and also Give Suggestions And Tips on creating new USP, through our holistic and sound research modules.