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Welcome to Brand Bridge Solutions™. We are a full-service creative agency with expertise in Digital Marketing, Web Development and Brand Engineering. At Brand Bridge Solutions™, we believe in creating highly personalised brands, enabling them to tell stories, be customer-oriented and use our highly successful multi-service quotients, to make them industry leaders in their niche. Due to our high-quality of service deliverables, we have managed to establish an international network of clients, spanning across Europe and Asia.

Our dynamics of cultivating a brand as a positive allegory for a business comes from the concept of developing long-lasting personal relationships between the brand and its customers. This is based on our continuous deliverance of positive experiences and adding of human elements to the said brand, making it oriented towards the needs and aspirations of its customers. This customer-centric concept has helped our clients develop legions of pro-active followers from their target audience and form a superior brand identity.

At Brand Bridge Solutions™, we act as a bridge of transition for our client's product or service, engineering its marketing functions to maximise its brand value and equity. We enable our client's business offerings to become a full-scale brand in its domain, which is seen as a respected and highly sought-after thought leader in its industry. This ensures that their offerings are among the most in demand in their respective industry niches.

Here is a fun and interactive video to tell you more about us.

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Enable the most cost-effective and successfully proven Social Media marketing strategy for your brand and ensure its business success. Measure the results with a higher ROI, increased publicity and awareness for your brand.


The Internet has matured and so has its users. In today’s world, online search is the no. 1 way through which customers research and make a buying decision. Ensure that you are way up in the league and rank on the TOP of your customer’s GOOGLE search results.


First Impressions are critical for engaging clients with your brand, and this task is done by attractive and bold visual content. The designing studio at Brand Bridge Solutions™ is all about taking care of all your designing needs and making definitive aesthetic statements for your brand.


Get high-quality, Mobile Responsive and SEO-Friendly Websites, imbibing the cream of international quality standards in terms of complex portal fluidity, functionality and speed as adopted by the leaders in your industry.


Create sleek, platform-appropriate Mobile apps which imbibe originality, freshness and user-orientation at its core. The next disruptive tech-app is only 1 click away!


We will infuse our in-house research analytics to generate virality quotients to make your brand videos go viral and thus attract a ton of new followers from your Target Group.


Reach your exact Target Audience with marketing ingenuity which sets you apart from the rest of your competitors with our highly customised, organic and paid ad campaigns. It is time to increase your ROI today.


At Brand Bridge Solutions™, we believe in building a human persona for your brand which enables it to tell stories and connect with its audience, by facilitating their needs. For this, we focus on the intricate concept of Kapferer’s Brand Identity Prism to craft and orient your brand towards a more advanced identity development.


Scale your business exponentially by using our business development services, wherein we employ a multitude of business resources to get you those all important leads to grow your business.


Let our international team of content developers spin magic for you, as they create industry specific articles rich with keywords and high on appeal, oriented towards your Target Audience, thus making you rank on the top of Search Engine results.


A successful business is a customer-oriented business. We will Screen, Search and Respond to all the Customer queries, comments and opinions, and also Transfer The Feedback to you, keeping you in fray of how customers are perceiving your business.


We will commission a plethora of in-house applications to study your industry niches, your competitor’s brand performance derivatives, their communication strategy, the followers and influencers they are targeting, and the Content keywords which they are optimizing for.


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I worked with Abhik Shome– He told me what he was going to do, and then he did it.
A+ work, A+ communication. Would recommend to a friend.


Jason Dollinger

Ethical Pay Pro

I have selected Brand Bridge Solutions from among their competitors due to their magnificent offer which includes custom-made marketing graphics, Social Media marketing, SEO management etc. What I liked about it was that the services they offered were holistic and at an extremely affordable price. The team was in constant contact with me, updating me about the progress in their work. The team is very professional and efficient in its deliverables. Gave my business genuine page likes from my target audience and relevant twitter followers.


Aman Arora

Abhik and his team at Brand Bridge Solutions  have shown total dedication to understand my brand’s needs and goals to craft out a perfect identity for my brand. Their digital marketing services are superb and are backed by their art of detailed industry research which has helped me gain an unparalleled understanding of my industry and thus gain a lot of clients in the process.


Alexandra Cotae

To establish my business and make it renowned,  I needed an agency which can handle its digital marketing and business development functions. I wanted to be provided with services which are backed by research, as my goal was to get a strong community around my brand and voices speaking for it. I found all of this and more, when I hired Brand Bridge Solutions. They understood my needs and handled the entire job with confidence, an extreme dose of professionalism and commitment. Their in-house apps are stellar when it comes to reaching your marketing goals. These apps, when combined by the team which implements it for high traction results, form an unbeatable pair.  This team of hard-working professionals is ready to do anything for their clients to build their success stories, much like they did for me. Highly recommended.


Mehak Daga

Brand Bridge Solutions has helped me boost my business from its infancy to a now consolidated position by giving it a rigorously  well researched and effective instrument of marketing. The team is highly active and responds to my needs immediately and implements them in short notice. A very hard working team led by example by Abhik Shome, who will stop at no end to make his clients feel happy. Clarity and honesty backed by well researched strategy is their motto and they have stood up to it.


Rabiul Islam

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